Maid Rite

In Road Trip! on 01/03/2009 at 3:20 am

road trip to grandma quincy from mad, wi to quincy, il thru iowa and missouri, and the closest thing to a local diner was actually a franchise with rock bottom prices. alton brown went for the maid rite, a ground beef tomato sauceless sloppy joe, but we had pork tenderloins and a tilapia sandwich.

we also ate at an irish pub where the fried food fest continued. mini-carousel ponies bookended the row of booths we lodged ourselves.

grandma quincy is the original semi-homemade cook, deftly preparing three desserts for us with afternoon tea, two of which were made from yellow box cake mix. this was a special treat, especially the one she transformed into a lemon poppyseed loaf. the unique aroma of artificial richness. was it the margarine?

next quincy visit, the 18 wheeler – the real diner experience says grandma.

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