Super Bowl Bananaphone Guacamole

In food on 02/01/2009 at 9:14 am

Listen to the classic Raffi song while reading this post. Today is the Australian Open Men’s Final: Federer v. Nadal. Oh, and the Super Bowel. For me, it’s all about the snacks and the commercials. Football always reminds me of the parties in high school where I served beer and hot dogs to the elderly at the senior center near my condo. They had a slightly illicit air about them, given that I was underage and unsupervised while I plied oldies with alcohol. Volunteerism at its finest.

We usually host some sort of gathering, but given our hectic school and work schedules, this weekend was relatively quiet on purpose. Plus, the other half still hasn’t gotten over the fact Brett Favre turned traitor and played for the Jets this season. In fact I was going solo today until the other half’s dawn ski trip to Hunter Mountain was overbooked (totally not kosher!), so was forced to trudge home with all the equipement, disappointed. The uneaten ham and cheese sandwiches I made for the trip will pair nicely with the guacamole and dumplings we’ll be snacking on for the duration of the TV-a-thon. (Buffalo wings are too traditional, not to mention expensive).

One thing I took away from Kenny Shopsin’s book is you can always improve the classics. He is all about deconstructing and revamping food to suit his palate. His revelation of using broth and freshly grilled ingredients to order for soups is akin to my practice of using a master broth as the base for many different iterations. Kenny is also about turning food into his private fantasy, i.e. how would a Mexican green tortoise visiting the Galapagos Islands make a turtle cheesecake if it only had feta, alfalfa and chutzpah?

Here then, is Kenny’s idea that fell flat at his restaurant, because he doesn’t like to explain himself. When you see banana in a dish, you think sweet. On the other hand, you see avocado, you think savory. But in terms of texture, both are creamy and a great base to layer other flavors. To reduce the sweetness, pair with complementary acidity. Think of this as a ceviche. In fact, if you add some sautéd shrimp and crusty garlic bread, you’ve got yourself an ass-kicking entreé.

Yesterday at Goodwill, we snatched up the most awesomely fantastic pristine candy/cookie dish stand, the Rainbow Tivoli Tower Susan, unearthed from the 50s. The dishes twirl!

2 large green bananas (depending on the sweetness factor you like, you could mix a ripe one in, or to make it über kicked up, fry up rounds of plaintains and mash them, mofongo-style)

1 tomato, chopped (tomatillos work well too, but they need to be cooked)

4 cloves garlic, minced (for a softer flavor, use garlic powder)

1 jalapeno, minced (can substitute Louisiana Hot sauce or Hatch chiles – homage to Kenny)

cilantro chopped (use coriander powder in a pinch)


red onion, chopped

lime juice

Salt and pepper

Mash ingredients together with fork to keep the chunkiness. Salt and pepper to taste. I like to eat this with Tostitos Hint of Lime Chips. (Tastes much better than it looks!)


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