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In food on 02/12/2009 at 12:18 pm

Nongshim used to make my favorite ramen, Neoguri. It’s the foodie’s ramen, so spicy I only put in half the pack. The noodles are the thickest I’ve encountered, rendering a chewy udon-type QQ. The veggie pack comes with seaweed that grows like sea monkeys once you heat them up. They even carry it at our neighborhood Korean grocer, Young Spring Farm. One day, last month, I cheated.

I saw a new noodle at Kamman, my noodle dealer in Chinatown, also made by Nongshim, and thought I’ve give it a try. It was called potato noodle soup. The other half gagged on sight. My Singaporean friend is a big fan of the Shinramyun variety, which to me is on par with Top Ramen, nothing special. So maybe this potato noodle wouldn’t be much different. The noodle looked rather thin, not a good sign. One day at lunch, I made it, and it BLEW MY MIND.

“Made of potato starch and potato powder, Nongshim Potato Noodles are very glutinous and clear. The soup, well balanced by onions and beef, tastes clean and mild, so it’s ideal for teenagers and females who do not enjoy a spicy flavor. In addition, Nongshim Potato Noodles have rich solid ingredients of mushrooms, onions and garlic, so you get a substantial meal.” Yes, indeedy, these are the first freeze-dried shittake mushrooms I have ever had and boy they are delish. And the ultra-springy, most QQ noodles I have ever had. I actually drink the broth too. Usually I just let the noodles sop up what it needs and throw out the rest. The next time I went to Kamman, they were nowhere to be found. I’m now on a mission/obsession to acquire them.

The company website is a hoot. Here are some FAQs and recipes [major sic]:

Instant noodle is always fried in fresh oil as it is fried in frying equipment into which new fresh oil is continuously fed. The quality of oil is strictly regulated (below 2 in acid level, below 30 in peroxide level), thus the very fact that the quality of products is maintained without discharging oil is indicative of the superiority of technology capabilities that Nongshim has.


Instant noodle takes a winding shape to make it easy to carry and not to be crushed being transported.

Instant noodle gets winded because the conveyor belt that carries instant noodle moves slower than the noodles that come out. In addition, winding shape shortens the time required for boiling instant noodle.


Instant noodle is mainly made of wheat. However, if using wheat only, the noodles gets lack of chewy feature. In this regard, noodle has been made of potato starch and wheat recently. The potato starch has a feature of being cooked faster than wheat and the feature is used for making bowl instant noodle. In a nutshell, bowl instant noodle is made of wheat together with potato starch unlike other ordinary types of instant noodle(Shin ramyun, neoguri, etc) because the potato starch makes the noodle to be cooked fast and the bowl itself is sized smaller to transmit heat faster.


For microorganisms to propagate requires an adequate level of moist, heat and nutrition content, among which the water content is the most important one. For microorganism to be active requires at least 13% of water content but the level of water content in instant noodle is below 10%. Therefore, instant noodle does not need to use preservatives.
potato ramen

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