OJ Did It, You Can Too

In food on 04/04/2009 at 2:21 pm

The best part about going to the mall when I was a kid was getting an Orange Julius before we went inside. ‘Course the counter guy always overloaded the cup with ice cubes so it was mostly ice and orange foam. Creamsicles are nice, but when you’re craving that creamy tang, there’s nothing as satisfying as OJ.

The secret to whipping up that proper amount of head is milk powder. Christina Tosi told me so. Now if only she’d tell me how to make milk crumbles. This afternoon, after an exhausting morning of trekking in search of apartments and suffering severe wind burn, the other half declared it was time for some homemade Orange Julius.

From Wiki: “The drink grew out of an orange juice stand opened in Los Angeles in 1926 by Julius Freed. Sales were initially modest, about $20 a day (over $200 adjusted for 2007 inflation). In 1929, Bill Hamlin, Freed’s real estate broker, developed a mixture that made the acidic orange juice less bothersome to his stomach. Freed’s stand began serving the drink, which had a frothier, creamier texture. The sales at the stand increased substantially after the introduction of the new drink, going up to $100 a day. People began lining up at the store and shouting, “Give me an Orange, Julius!””

200ml or 6oz orange juice (no pulp)
2.5 tsp KLIM milk powder
100ml whole milk

Buzz together with immersion blender. No ice cubes, no problem! Apply Orange Julius mustache.

you must acquit

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