Pide Part Two

In food on 04/26/2009 at 5:04 pm

We decided to spend this sultry 90 degree day baking some Turkish bread! While baking, we inadvertently did a test of pizza stone vs cookie sheet as a vehicle for dough tanning. Results below, flavor – good. I sprinkled fenugreek powder into the dough, which added a cumin-meets-turmeric-esque ‘ethnic’ flavor to the chew. Nice…

pide pide!

The other half dusted the stone and cookie sheet with cornmeal before placing the dough to cook, to prevent sticking. This is an idea borrowed from pizza baking, and this dough would work well as pizza dough. The pide on the left was on the pizza stone, the one on the right was on the cookie sheet.

Overall the stone pide yielded a crispier crust and the bread puffed up more. Both were cooked for 5 minutes. The one on the cookie sheet could have been left in the oven for another several minutes to crisp up.

stone pide left, cookie sheet right

The crumb inside for both were about the same, with the lopsided holes. Hurrah! We dipped the pide in truffle olive oil; it would taste even better with brushed olive oil and sprinkled smoked sea salt. Another dipping sauce: condensed milk. This bread would also be a perfect bun for a muffaletta.

nice holes

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