West Siiii

In food on 06/04/2009 at 7:19 am

We boogied to the Upper West Side with the ‘rents to hop on the Shack train. I still think ain’t nutin’ like a Corner Bistro burger. But after a waiter slam fest awhile back, its street cred has really tanked. Plus we were in the UWS for the diploma giveaway sweepstakes.

The new homestead is right off Central Park, well, in spitting distance if you could hock a really mean loogie through the Museum of Natural History. The decor of the place is as if Danny Meyer slam-dunked his tin shed into the side of a brick building, all angles askew, with a covered outdoor seating area complete with recycled pressed wood tables and industrial modern green benches. It’s occupying a space that used to be a Cajun restaurant.

The baby fist burgers and frozen ‘fresh’ crinkle-cut fries are just as good as the Madison Square Park original, but without the insanely long line. Are potato buns and perfectly juicy meat worth the smaller portions and double the price of an equivalent Wendy’s meal? Still churning the wheels on that one. I had the custard of the day, cucumber mint, so refreshing I wanted to smear it over my face, lay out in the sun passed out from a burger coma, and call it a day.

temple of doom

hubba hubba

Shack Burger n’ Fries

spa treatment

Cucumber Mint Custard

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