In food on 06/06/2010 at 7:40 pm

Once upon a time, in the land of Billyburg, jeju meandered about and marveled at the way the natives inhabited their run-down buildings. Old tattered things sold for new outrageous prices. There was no air-conditioning. It was hot and muggy. They became thirsty and tired.

On the horizon, they spied a tiny pink mail truck. Was it a mirage? The bumper read ‘Hearts Challenger.’ There was a man inside. He was pleasant and approachable, like a smurf in an isle of Gargamels.

jeju liked trucks with food within. They had sampled many. This one was chock full o’ popsicles, but not just any old ice on sticks sold by a creepy fat dirty man. This was a young guy who didn’t look scary at all.

There were toys and candy inside the clean bright space. The truck was small, but it packed a lot of wow. The frozen treats were also no joke; some were imported from a far away kingdom ruled by Anime and Manga. jeju wondered how they stayed frozen on their long journey. What chutzpah!

The flavors change daily. They must have a lot of popsicle magnets. Magnets are fun.

The blue one is based on a beverage called Ra-mu-ne. It tasted like unicorns and pink hearts! The white one is good ol’ plain creamy vanilla.

The ice cream man looked piqued. It’s a hard knock life, this ice cream business, he said, I fly all over the world doing events with my lil’ truck…and boy are my arms tired! He spun a yarn about how the truck came to be. But he doesn’t look like the fellow in the pictures. Fairy tales are more fun when they aren’t make believe.

Join the Hearts Revolution happily ever after.

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