Royal Earl Grey Jelly-O

In food on 12/23/2010 at 4:22 pm

Mele Kalikimaka those out there on the World Wide Web! What’s cooler than snow falling on our blog in December? Well, Santa left me some Royal Earl Grey Jelly-O in the fridge before he flitted off to the North Pole to wrap presents for all the boys and girls. Lucky me, I must have been very naughty this year. Grinch grinch.

Hoboken gets into the holiday spirit by displaying household Christmas villages outside, sealed in homemade giant plexiglass dioramas and propped up on milk crates. We’ve seen about five different ones on our nightly jaunts around town. For even more joie de vivre, some include blue saran wrap harbors and backdrops of crinkly brown paper cliffs peppered with glitter. It’s our town’s version of the midtown Manhattan seasonal window displays.

Our resident elf has whipped up this equally quirky dessert that would be a perfect ending to any Festivus or Kwanzaa or Eid celebration. The national brand boxed stuff is too artificial and Day-Glo for my taste. Like the three bears fairytale, Goldilocks first made it too soft, then too Bergamot-y, but third time’s the charm, just solid enough to sieve through your teeth with satisfaction. It’s not the prettiest of presentations with it’s natural muddy color, but drizzled with the thinnest coating of fresh cream, it is tough to beat.

2 cups strong tea (4 Tbsp loose leaves, any flavor you like, mild teas need more tea to water ratio)
1 cup water
3 Tbsp sugar
2 gelatin powder packets

1. Brew tea and cool to room temperature. The leaves absorb their volume of liquid so for 4 Tbsp of leaves, brew them in 2 cups and 4 Tbsp water.

2. Discard leaves. Sprinkle gelatin on tea. Wait for it to dissolve. Add 4 Tbsp sugar.

3. Boil water and pour 1 cup into mixture above. Stir until everything is dissolved.

4. Pour into cute jelly molds coated with flavorless oil. Refrigerate and serve with a pool of cream on top.

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