That’s Offal!: Uterus

In food on 04/23/2011 at 6:28 pm

Speaking of uterus, it is versatile, like tripe, but much less labor-intensive. This nether-organ is also one of the undercover innards, so it’s still cheap. Remember when oxtail was not $15 per pound?

The texture of uterus is slippery and gelatinous, and it has a helical shape, almost like DNA. If you took a bunch of them and made a wig, your Medusa head would bounce with each step you take, boing BOING!

The first time I cooked uterus, I assumed it would be tough because it looked like tripe, but it ended up being too mushy. It needs to be treated like the delicate flower it is. This time I braised it in my special cooking liquid for 10 minutes, then let the flavors steep in the fridge for two days. The integrity of the uterus was retained nicely, QQ but not rubbery or too gummy. This ‘velvet’ simmering method is quite effective for all sorts of things that can absorb flavor. Hurray for osmosis.

Ingredients for my alternative to traditional red braising:
1 part soy sauce
1 part water (or stock, this time I had fish stock)
1 part white wine
1 generous splash of black vinegar

That’s just the basic recipe, any other fragrance enhancer can be included as well.

To stir-fry, just boil the uterus in water or stock for 10 min. Cut up into bite-sized chunks and add into the pan after the aromatics, but before the spices.

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