Hi Thai!

In restaurant on 07/04/2011 at 3:58 pm

Driving home from an attending’s house party last night, I spied a beacon of light in the night: a new Thai restaurant near the fire department in North Sea, the country cousin to swank Southampton. Boa Thai, where have you been all my Hamptons life?

The food is better-than-average, but the prices aren’t reflective of that fact, i.e. pad see ew for $18 with a flavorfully good, but not generous portion. $2 per wing on a 4 wing appetizer. Don’t let that deter you though, because the Hamptons region is starving for real ethnic cuisine. As Mousy, our vegan friend, said, the chef makes happy food.

This 3 day old restaurant that hasn’t shed the skin of its previous incarnation as a new American establishment is still tweaking its menu. It will eventually have 40 dishes, and far more vegetarian options.

Last night, the deck was overflowing with patrons. Today’s first lunch service featured merely the four of us, lingering over a post-Hamptons 4th of July parade meal. With this region’s notoriously high rent, I’m crossing my fingers that Boa Thai will be able to survive, and maybe, lower its prices just a tiny bit?

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