Hidden Hamptons Gem: La Hacienda

In restaurant on 07/09/2011 at 4:29 pm

I am but determined to find good, cheap eats in the Hamptons. Given that my food roaming free time has dwindled significantly, this project is going to be an uphill battle. Last week, Mister Zen mentioned there was a Mexican place called La Hacienda by the Waldbaum’s supermarket, one block north of downtown Southampton village. The other half and I surreptitiously toot scooted there one afternoon for lunch.

One look at the faux stucco interior cum hacienda-esque vibe and large blurry photos of special dishes, I knew it would be either super kitchy (a la San Diego’s Old Town) or über delicioso. The upside is, everything on the menu is less than $9.

The food is filling, but not as good as the Mexican place in Riverhead. Beans are bland, rice is bland, the beef stew (birria) I ordered was rich and savory. Normally this type of casserole is made with goat meat. The dish came with a smoked chile sauce, reminiscent of a watery mole. The horchata was too sweet and had the fragrance of artificial vanilla essence. The other half’s taquitos were stuffed with chicken, and topped with  sour cream sauce, lettuce and tomato.

This review sounds negative, but since this is the Hamptons, I have to lower my expectations and consider this pretty good for the area. That is why I’m calling this place a gem, because when you’re a dying, thirsty person wandering in the Sahara Desert of food locales, then dirty, stale water tastes like the bottled stuff from Fiji. Compared to the food I get for free in the hospital cafeteria, this place is incredibly tasty.

Not having a kitchen to cook in, and living so far from my usual grocery sources is really warping my state of mind regarding yummy (or not quite) items that go in my mouth. Tomorrow, we are meeting with the chef who is cooking our wedding banquet meal in October. I’m trying to dampen my excitement and hopes for the final product, but given that this is the Hamptons, who knows how well it could possibly turn out?

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