The Real Farms of the Hamptons

In food on 07/18/2011 at 8:29 am

The non-celebrity Hamptons is epitomized by the hamlet of North Sea. It’s a neighborhood just north of Southampton filled with smaller cottages and beach houses nestled in pockets of unkempt greenery. There’s tiny beaches and winding country roads galore, with inlets and creeks where no tourist roams. We love the beach at the end of Towd Point Road, just where the bay forms North Sea Harbor. The water is aqua green gorgeousness.

Beyond that, there are also farmstands with real local produce. We like North Sea Farms, a small farm market that is stocked with Hamptons-made baked goods, various sundries and homegrown chicken. It is just too cute and cuddly. Unlike most farmstands that are off a major street situated amongst the fields of produce, North Sea Farms is smaller, like the best version of your neighborhood deli.

This place is perfect to come to for a leisurely breakfast picnic by the trees outside before dropping off trash at the town dump nearby. Yes, we have to pay to throw away trash in the Hamptons. Your garbage is worth more here than anywhere else in New York.

If we didn’t have a neighbor down the street with a chicken coop selling his massive brown eggs out of a cooler on the honor system, we would totally buy them here. Gotta support the local-est.

The local big names are represented here. Tate’s Bake Shop has a large section, Blue Duck Bakery as well. Aldo’s Coffee of Greenport specially roasts a blend for them. Ronnybrook Dairy is ‘imported’ here too. Then there are kitschy touches of country charm. Folks, this is homespun at its finest. Who knew Americana could be found smack in the heart of the Hamptons?

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