Two Brothers, Two Farms

In meat on 07/30/2011 at 5:53 pm

Art and Harry are two brothers with adjoining farms. Art does cheese, cows, and turkeys for Thanksgiving. Harry does a bit of everything else: chicken, pig, veggies, baked goods. Mecox Dairy and Fairview Farm in Mecox are two great farms brought to you by alt-Hamptons, the crunchy granola DIY side. There really is real life beyond privet privacy hedges.

Harry and we got to talking about all sorts of animal parts. We do have an empty freezer in the garage waiting to be filled with local flesh. The best price per pound comes with a bit of hands-on labor. So when the next batch of chicken is ready to be dispatched, we will be there with our wringing hands at the ready. Come winter, a half a 300lb pig will have our name on it. Harry also makes sausage, pancetta and guanciale. I just want all the innards and blood for the best dinuguan ever.

The farmstand is simple, a wooden structure in the shade at the front gate. Art was off manning the booth at the Sag Harbor farmer’s market, shilling his homemade cheese. We found him there and asked for some goodies from his cooler. He had several cheeses for tasting. The other half enjoyed his cheddar, and we both liked his Sunrise, the cheese with funk.

Art also slaughters his own Jersey dairy cows for meat. He thinks that Angus breeds are so ‘evolved’ that they can’t digest grass, only corn derivatives. Again I asked for the offal. Art ages the meat by hanging it at the slaughterhouse for two weeks. Bacteria Gone Wild. So next month, our freezer should be fat and satiated , humming a happy tune long into the night.

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