BBQ? Hamptons?!

In food on 08/16/2011 at 1:43 pm

Can I be obsessed with hush puppies at a meat mecca? How can fried bouncy puffy balls of cornmeal perfectly spiced with jalapeño bits and sprinkled with sea salt be the star of the show at the best BBQ joint not only in the Hamptons, but all of New York? They are that good.

Townline BBQ is one star in the battalion of the East End restaurant conglomerate that includes Hamptons favorites like Rowdy Hall and Nick & Toni’s. It’s just on the way out of Sag Harbor, officially in Sagaponack. The vibe is all wooden beam down-home country, communal tables and booths. It’s a nice time warp where snobbery is checked at the door.

The only hint of the high-end are the Boos block tables. The meat speaks for itself. We sampled it all, pulled pork, burnt ends, pork ribs and beef brisket. An order of short ribs was accidentally left off. Guess that means we gotta go back. The chicken wasn’t free range, merely organic. The other half poo-pooed it. I’ll have to sneak it in next time.

The pluses: fatty ends on the brisket, the regular and spicy BBQ sauces mixed together, QQ rib meat, Martin’s potato bread (aka crack) and don’t forget about the perfect hush puppies. I wonder if I can find out the recipe…

The minuses: collards were bland but al dente, cornbread was rough and tumble.

Down a feast down with strong black unsweetened tea. My stomach is still weeping tears of joy that such a place could exist in the Hamptons. It’s beyond a gem, it’s a whole treasure trove of carcinogenic fleshy goodness! I’m eyeing the whole roast pig on the catering menu for an event in the near future.

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