Hecho Con Amor

In food on 08/21/2011 at 8:00 am

There’s lots of love floating around these days. The Hamptons is brimming with it. Hence the bumper to bumper traffic. We crawled to Montauk yesterday and of course we made a pit stop at Ditch Plains Beach, home of the Ditch Witch and other assorted food trucks.

I guess the permits don’t allow service after 5pm, so the Witch had split. Montaco was still putzing around, serving beverages. We were still full from eating in town, but you can always make room for food truck food.

We ordered the cucumber limeade with a side of chile mango. The beverage was very refreshing, just a touch savory. I dumped the spicy mango juice into the cup. Eureka, a new and improved version was born. Hecho con amor, that’s what it’s all about.

chile powder or dash of Louisiana Hot Sauce
sugar or simple syrup (white, brown or palm)
vodka or aged rum

1. Juice some cukes. Or if you like a smoothie, blend some cukes
2. Juice some lime/lemon/orange, depending on how sour you like
3. Melt some sugar in water 2:1 ratio
4. Mix the above to taste, spike, if needed

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