C’mon Irene

In food on 08/27/2011 at 8:12 pm

Here comes the sweet pitter patter of Hurricane Irene’s 600 miles of drool. She obviously wants to come eat all the Pueblan goodies offered at DeJesus Deli and Grocery. Yeah, rocking out to Manu Chao and chomping on four varieties of perfectly moist and unctuous tamales in our boarded-up house is my idea of of good hurricane eats.

All the stores on the drive home closed early, and the windows in Southampton village are wearing plywood shutters or taped up to ward away the hex of unidentified flying objects. The other half scooted to the deli in the pre-storm rumble. Along with our two cheese pizzas from Boccacini’s, the only half-way decent pie place in town, we are hunkering down but good.

This ain’t a bad way to end a 6 day, 78 hour work week: a comforting, hearty, flavorful melánge of masa, longaniza, beans, rice, pickled chiles, and even potatoes. Thank Supreme Being for the cuisine of the landscapers of the Hamptons.

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