Hello, Hamptons? It’s Me, Jersey

In food on 08/30/2011 at 12:24 pm

When I heard Hoboken flooded during the hurricane, I suddenly became wistful for my time up to the armpits with pasta. And Cafe Michelina, which we didn’t have a chance to try before we were whisked away to the paradise of the Hamptons. After rubbernecking the aftermath of Irene in the village of Southampton, we found a few stores taking advantage of local cabin fever by opening up in the late afternoon.

We chose La Parmigiana over Sean’s Place, both of which looked like delicatessens. Any hint of ethnicity in food is preferable, most of the time. Besides the fact that Sean’s was packed, the line stretching out the door, we figured La Parm might have more interesting offerings. And it did.

Not only do they sell a full selection of cold meats, cheeses and salads, they also carry imported Italian foods like spirochetes of white pressed powder that you drop in water to make it bubbly, and make their own salad dressings in the attached restaurant that channels the Maestro Guido. A real red tablecloth joint, if you know whaddyai mean… Great smells were coming from the open kitchen that lines one side of the room. Tins were filled with fresh grated mozzarella. Heyyyaa! In the back, there’s even a small pizza counter. What more could you ask for, ehhhh?

We ordered from the deli (octopus, palm hearts, hot soppresata, mozz) and ate our umami foodstuffs in the restaurant. Everything was up to par, except the strangely fluffy and dry cookies and benign tiramisu. We’d gladly go back just to get that special Jersey feeling, and you don’t even have to make us an offer…


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